Are you ready for the Home Builders Blitz? During this annual initiative, we partner with professional homebuilders and suppliers to transform communities around the U.S. It’s fast-paced and helps the work of Habitat.

As professionals in the building industry know, having a safe, affordable home is important to every family. It’s a place not only for shelter, but for everyday moments and special celebrations. A home is the foundation from which lives are built, and we believe everyone deserves a decent place to live.

The Home Builders Blitz joins Habitat and professional homebuilders allowing us to exponentially increase our work and maximize our efforts. When homebuilders provide labor, funding and materials, it allows us to serve even more homeowners.

In 2016, we were able to work across 31 states to construct or repair 250 homes with the help of professional homebuilders. That brings us to a total of more than 1,700 homes since this program began in 2006.

Habitat and homeowners aren’t the only ones who benefit from the Home Builders Blitz. Homebuilders deepen their ties to their community, allowing them to collaborate with other builders in their area, connect them to subcontractors, and incorporate other corporate sponsors in the homebuilding industry who share their company’s values.

Ready to build something special?

Habitat host site and builder brochure

Learn about how the Home Builders Blitz began, statistics illustrating the success of our past builds, a map showing which affiliates are participating and how this project benefits affiliates and homebuilders.

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Frequently asked questions

What are homebuilders required to provide in order to participate?

Builds may vary across the U.S, but in general, homebuilders provide labor, funding and materials. For specific information, please contact us below.

Does Habitat simply give away houses?

Habitat does not give houses away. Potential Habitat homeowners go through a selection process to see if they qualify. Applicants must demonstrate that they can partner with us in order to qualify including the ability to pay an affordable mortgage, willingness to take financial training classes, and a willingness to contribute hundreds of hours of sweat equity, including the construction of their own house. Learn more about the process.

Does the Home Builders Blitz also take place internationally?

At this time, the builds only occur in the United States.

For additional information, contact us at 1-800-HABITAT or